Enaa neenyo and welcome, my friends!  My name is Borealis Betty and I’m glad that you are excited about my home as much as I am!  While you are visiting Fairbanks, you may want to warm up with some coffee or your hot beverage of choice.  If so, then let’s explore the top coffee shops in Fairbanks!

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Venue Fairbanks

Venue Fairbanks is a gem in Downtown Fairbanks!  Located on 2nd Avenue, this coffee shop takes the top of our list for many different reasons.  The first reason is the coffee and service, of course! I always leave Venue Fairbanks happier having visited with the staff while waiting for my Lavender-Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk.  Their café and food options are perfect! They offer many gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options! Venue Fairbanks is also very proud of their Fairbanks culture, and they show it in their gift shop which features 100% local artists!  Be sure to catch local events such as First Friday Art Shows among the many other types of events that are hosted all the time at this coffee shop!

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Alaska Coffee Roasting Company

What makes Alaska Coffee Roasting Company (known locally as ACRC) special to locals is a toss-up between the homemade food options and the exquisite atmosphere!  At any given moment you may see someone doing their college homework, a group of folks having a business meeting, or a couple on their first date. ACRC creates a warm and inviting space for all to enjoy their coffee and food!  If you need to take some time to regroup on your Alaskan adventure out of the cold, stop in ACRC for a nice warm-up!

Make sure to try the homemade PIZZA at Alaska Coffee Roasting Company!
It’s pure perfection with great fresh ingredients!

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McCafferty’s is a charming coffee shop that offers a relaxing environment to land while you are exploring the downtown scene.  Their coffee is roasted for their unique blend that can only be enjoyed at their store! One unique aspect to McCafferty’s is that the owners provide weekly live music with the fun and smooth sound of their local band ‘Sandcastle.’  It is certainly a treat for their guests!

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Sunrise Bagel & Espresso

In Fairbanks, drive-through coffee stands are very popular—almost more popular than dine-in coffee shops. Sunrise Bagel & Espresso is the most well-liked local brand of these drive-through coffee stands! If you are looking for a fantastic and quick pick-me-up, then Sunrise is a top and convenient choice with eight different locations around Fairbanks and North Pole.

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Little Owl Cafe

Little Owl Café is a fantastic choice for a coffee shop and a great spot to grab a quick bite!  Little Owl Café offers fresh options—soups, salads, and fantastic sandwiches and wraps—as well as a wide selection of baked goods.  A personal favorite of mine is the lemon lavender bundt cake which is vegan AND delicious! Many of their options cater to gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan diets—as a matter of fact, everything that they bake in-house is completely gluten-free!

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Mocha Dan’s

Much like Sunrise Bagel & Espresso, Mocha Dan’s is a locally owned and operated drive-through coffee stand!  They are a local favorite and offer fantastic service. With two locations, you can get a hot chocolate on your way onto University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum of the North—or on your way back from skiing on Birch Hill.

There are fantastic choices when looking for a coffee place in Fairbanks. Perhaps you need the convenience of a drive-through coffee stand, or you are after great food or a relaxing dine-in atmosphere—in any case there is an option for you! Your friend Borealis Betty won’t steer you wrong! Ana basee! Thank you!

–Borealis Betty

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