This may be surprising but the public bus system in Fairbanks is actually great! It can take you all over town and even stops at some of the best places in town. For instance, if you stay at Pikes Waterfront Lodge you’d be able to hop on the bus there and ride it all the way around town, getting you to some of the best local attractions.

We’ve gathered the information about the bus here below but to make sure you have the most updated info make sure you head over to https://www.fnsb.gov/349/Metropolitan-Area-Commuter-System-MACS


  • It’s cheaper than a gallon of gas
  • It’s convenient. With nearly 400 bus stops there’s sure to be one near you. All buses are fully accessible.
  • Each person on the bus is one less person using a car.
  • It’s healthy. Get more exercise by walking to bus stops or Bike-to-Bus. Bike racks are easy to use, however our bike racks will not accommodate fat tire bikes at this time.
  • Enjoy a different view from an elevated perspective.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Arrive to your destination refreshed and free of stress.
  • With 8 routes, chances are one is going your way.
  • Increase your productivity by catching up on work.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy someone else doing the driving.
  • Feel more connected to your neighbors and community.
  • Parking your car for a few days a week can significantly reduce its wear and tear, help keep mileage down and value up.
  • It’s cheaper than a vanilla latte.
  • Enjoy nature on your walk or bike ride to the bus stop – doing so can enhance your mood, reduce mental fatigue and increase concentration.
  • Never have to worry about finding a parking space.
  • Seniors ride free


Fares & Passes (as of 01/29/21)

Fare Category (Effective July 1, 2014) Adult (Riders Ages 19 to 59) Reduce Fare (Youth Ages 6 to 18, Individuals with Medicare or Medicaid Cards, Active Military and Dependents and Those with Qualifying Disabilities)
Cash Fare (Must have exact change) $1.50 $0.75
Day Pass (Good for unlimited rides on the day of use. Expires at midnight.) $3 $2
Half Month Pass (Available after the 15th of the month) $20 $20
Monthly Pass (Good for that calendar month) $40 $20

Free Fare

Free Fare includes seniors age 60 and over, and youth age 0 to 5. Seniors are required to show government-issued photo identification.


  • Blue Line (PDF)
    • Aurora/Tamarak
    • Carlson Center
    • College Road/Diane
    • Fred Meyer West
    • Pioneer Park
    • Shoppers Forum
    • UAF Museum
    • UAF Wood Center
    • Walmart Mall
  • Brown Line (PDF)
    • Bently Mall
    • C & Eureka
    • Fred Meyer East
  • Green Line (PDF)
    • Badger/Nordale
    • Beaverbrook Mall
    • McPeaks
    • North Pole High School
    • North Pole Mall
    • North Pole Middle School/Wescott Pool
    • Old Richardson/South Cushman
    • Santa Claus House
  • Grey Line (PDF)
    • Ballaine Road
    • Fred Meyer East
    • Grenac Road
    • McGrath Road to Town and Country Mobile Home Park
    • Scenic Loop
    • Summit Drive
    • UAF Wood Center
  • Orange Line (PDF)
    • Big Dipper Ice Arena
    • FNA Head Start
    • Fred Meyer West
    • Jillian Square
    • Transit Administrative Offices
    • Van Horn & Lathrop
  • Purple Line (PDF)
    • 23rd and Lathrop
    • Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center
    • Easy Street
    • Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
  • Red Line (PDF)
    • Aurora/Tamarack
    • Fred Meyer West
    • Helmricks Street/Mount Mckinley Bank
    • Shoppers Forum
    • UAF Wood Center
    • University/Sandvik
  • Yellow Line (PDF)
    • Airport
    • Fred Meyer West
    • UAF Wood Center
    • University West