Getting Around in Fairbanks

My name is Aurora Abe and you can trust me with guiding you through your Alaskan Vacation in Fairbanks! So here you are in Fairbanks, Alaska– but now that you are here, how do you get around town? Allow me to guide you through the many different options there are for you– then you can decide which one is the best for you!

-Aurora Abe


Rental Car Agencies

There are many rental car agencies here in Fairbanks– and they are not created equally! Certainly one of the below agencies will work better for you than others, depending on the features of your desired rental vehicle. The list is in order of our preferred rental car partners, based on the features that work best for Alaska’s tough winters!


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Alaska Auto Rental

Alaska Auto Rental is one of the best car rental agencies in Fairbanks– and also through South Central Alaska, having opened an Anchorage location. Not only do they offer amazing customer service, but they offer many other benefits that cannot be matched by the larger car rental brands:

  • You can rent a vehicle as young as 21 years of age
  • You can use your debit card (as opposed to a credit card if you prefer)
  • They offer one-way rentals (pick-up at one location, drop-off in a different location)
  • They offer a special fleet of vehicles that can be driven on unpaved roads

Alaska Auto Rental is reasonably priced and will outfit you with the best possible vehicle that you require for your specific planned activities while you are in Fairbanks!

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Alaska 4×4 Rentals

Alaska 4×4 Rentals is a fantastic choice for those who plan on exploring Fairbanks on their own itinerary. If you are not a fan of restrictions– this is a rental agency for you. With the fleet at Alaska 4×4 Rentals, you are allowed to travel on Alaska’s unpaved roads and the vehicles are equipped with all the safety equipment you may need on any road in Alaska! They encourage you to get out there and explore the back-country of Alaska!

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Avis Alaska

Avis Rental Car is among one of the many larger brands of rental cars available at the Fairbanks International Airport– however they certainly stand out! The local branch offers top notch service and great rates for their vehicle rentals. If you would rather have the convenience of renting directly from the Airport– and the additional taxes and fees that are applied to airport car rentals are acceptable to you– then we recommend the Avis brand! As with any of the brands that are not locally owned, be sure to ask for a winterized vehicle– and we recommend a vehicle with either all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive, if you are fine with the additional charges.

Shuttle Services

Perhaps you would rather not worry about renting a vehicle, or you prefer not to drive yourself during your vacation– either way, perhaps a shuttle service is a better fit for you! Let’s look at a couple of locally owned shuttle services!


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Airlink Shuttle and Tours

An economic choice that still provides fantastic customer service would be Airlink Shuttle! Airlink will pick you up from your hotel accommodations and transport you to any local attraction on their list– which is extensive! If you are preferring something a bit more inclusive, they also offer very modestly priced tours that will take you to the major attractions through Fairbanks.

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Bill’s Tours & Charters

Bill is a wealth of information as a local Fairbanksan– which translates smoothly as one heckuva guide! Bill operates a shuttle service that can take you all over Fairbanks as well as to many destinations throughout the Interior to include Chena Hot Springs Resort and Denali National Park– even as far as Valdez. He offers flexible rates and adds value to his shuttles by offering a great commentary from the perspective of one who has established long-time roots here in the area!

Other Transportation Services

Outside of rental car agencies or shuttle services, there are a few other options worth checking out!  Let’s discuss a few of them now…


  • Ride Sharing Apps

Local legislation has only in recent years allowed for the presence of ride sharing opportunities such as Uber and Lyft to take to the streets. Since then, they have been providing visitors and locals alike with very convenient (and very inexpensive) ways to get around town to see the sights! If you are needing the occasional ride here and there, then we recommend using the ride sharing options that are available here!

  • Taxi Services

There are several taxi services available here in the Fairbanks area. If you are needing a taxi, all you need to do is either call any of the taxi services– or you can ask the front-line staff of nearly any business that you are visiting if they can call you a taxi and they would be happy to do so for you!

  • Public Transportation

The Fairbanks North Star Borough is home to a fantastic and comprehensive public transportation bus system. If you are the type of person who has quite a bit of flexibility, then you may benefit from the extremely low cost fare (or free if you are over 60 years of age). The public transportation lines are organized by colors (red line, blue line, green line, yellow line, etc.). Neat trick: the Red Line and Blue Line essentially make a loop all around town, and the only difference is that they run in opposite directions. Both lines make stops at many of the local attractions such as the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center, University of Alaska Museum of the North, Pioneer Park, Creamer’s Field, among others!

As you can see there are many different options when it comes to getting around in Fairbanks– and it really depends on what suits your needs best. If you would like to drive yourself, there are many rental car agencies available and– among them– there are many variations depending on your plans! If you are not comfortable driving yourself, or prefer the convenience of having a driver, be sure to check out the many shuttle services, taxis, or ride sharing options. Finally, the amazing public transportation system here in Fairbanks is second-to-none! Whichever you decide is best for you, we are just glad that you are enjoying Fairbanks and Interior Alaska with us! You will have a great time here– you can trust me on that!

-Aurora Abe

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