Enaa neenyo and welcome, my friends! My name is Borealis Betty and I’m glad that you are excited about my home as much as I am! In recent history, Fairbanks has become a very trendy hot spot for locally crafted beer and locally distilled liquors– let’s explore the top places to enjoy these local craft brews and cocktails in Fairbanks!

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HooDoo Brewing Company

HooDoo Brewing is among the most favorite among local Fairbanksans (that’s what Fairbanks locals are called).  Be sure to put their Taproom on your to-do list while you are in town. Not only will you enjoy a great, skillfully crafted beer, but you will also get to experience the quirky slice of Fairbanks lifestyle that many visitors do not get to see!  Make a new friend around one of their fire pits—or take part in one of the many regular events that take place there: from yoga, to reindeer, to half-marathons, and of course OKTOBERFEST!

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Black Spruce Brewing Company

One of the newest additions to the local brewery scene in 2018, Black Spruce Brewing is quickly becoming a crowd pleaser!  Their artfulness does not stop at crafting beer, but also the amazing names of those brews such as Short Days Ale or Musk Ox on Parade.  The local entrepreneurs are eager to improve and have partnered with Lavelle’s Taphouse (listed below) to offer some of the best beer in the Interior!

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Silver Gulch Brewery

Silver Gulch has been a top name in local Fairbanks craft beer since their inception in 1998.  They have since grown into a fabulous restaurant in the Fox area (northeast of Fairbanks)—as well as a 2nd location in…well the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska.  Make sure to enjoy the Alaskan Hushpuppies along with your beer—you will not be disappointed by the great eats!


Now let’s check out some of the local distilleries!

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Hoarfrost Vodka

Hoarfrost Distillery offers an amazing distilled vodka sourced from locally grown barley!  The tasting room staff truly cares for crafting their spectacular house cocktails—such as the ‘rhubarb pie’ and ‘Captain Healy’, a muddled ginger, jalapeno, and lime drink shaken with pineapple juice and the signature vodka.  They are very proud of their facility and offer regular tours. Don’t miss the regular events they host such as art exhibitions and the annual Prohibition Party!

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Fairbanks Distilling Company

Fairbanks Distilling Company was established in 2012 and has since continued to craft their signature 68 Below Vodka.  They are touted as one of the best and smoothest local small-batch vodkas, using Yukon Gold Potatoes and the purest local Fox spring water!  To add even more to their charm, they operate their distillery out of the former City Hall Building in Downtown Fairbanks—one of the local buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.  Stop by for a free sample of their wonderful vodka!

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Ursa Major Distillery

Located west of Fairbanks near the community of Ester visitors can find the local favorite, Ursa Major Distilling!  Their clever products include Long Winter Vodka, Summer Harvest Gin, and Fairbanks Sourdough Rum. They also offer jams that are prepared using their Fairbanks Sourdough Rum!  Not only can you discover Ursa Major spirits at their tasting room, but they are featured in local restaurants all over Fairbanks!

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Arctic Harvest Farm Distillery

Arctic Harvest is one of the newest distilleries in the Fairbanks area!  They are located along the Richardson Highway just beyond the City of North Pole on Eielson Farm Road.  They pride themselves in their farm-to-glass process, and they welcome all visitors out to their farm for a tour—or perhaps a ski or a stroll during open hours!  The flagship product is their Solstice Shine Whiskey with its sister whiskey products as well as their Frozen Farmer Vodka.

Aside from these fantastic joints, where else can one enjoy local brews and cocktails?

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Lavelle’s Tap House

At the downtown Lavelle’s Tap House, visitors and locals can enjoy craft beers and wines from 36 different rotating taps!  They are proud of their comfortable and inviting atmosphere where they host a variety of events from sports event watching parties to “Tap Takeovers”—when they feature a specific brewery.

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Goldie’s AK

Goldie’s is an eclectic local bar in the downtown area that proudly serves local beers and cocktails featuring many of the local liquors listed above!  While Goldie’s AK has their established location, they are also a mobile bar and they often show up at many different community events throughout the year!

Fairbanks is truly a hot spot when it comes to new craft beer and liquors and places to enjoy them.  Be sure to enjoy these brews and cocktails responsibly! Your friend Borealis Betty won’t steer you wrong!  Ana basee! Thank you!

-Borealis Betty

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