Phone Number: 907-450-0555
Address: 575 1st Ave. Fairbanks, Alaska

You’ve Waited 100 years for food this good!

  • Wine Destination in Fairbanks!
  • Fairbanks Fine Dining!
  • Preference for using Alaska Grown ingredients

A Fairbanks Favorite for Fine Food and Drink!

Eighteen years years has passed since Kathy Lavelle and Frank Eagle founded Lavelle’s Bistro and opened a Fairbanks dining sensation.

As we approach the next decade, we want to sincerely thank our friends and guests for their continued support. You have made Lavelle’s a welcoming and inviting establishment.

We offer all Fairbanksans and our guests a warm and comforting place to wine and dine. We present a selection of edibles in all shapes and sizes from all corners of the globe and suggest you can mix and match any way you see fit.

At Lavelle’s, each dish is made to order. As we prepare your repast, may we suggest that you relax with a selection of wine from our extensive cellar and enjoy your company while we work to make your meal the best it can be. If you are in a hurry please alert your server who will help you make the selections that will get you in and out more quickly.

We relish comments from our guests about any aspect of our restaurant. We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our friends. Tell us what you think and let’s together continue to make Lavelle’s Bistro a place worthy to be called Alaskan.