Top Restaurants in Fairbanks, Part One

Enaa neenyo and welcome, my friends!  My name is Borealis Betty and I’m glad that you are excited about my home as much as I am!  Today we are going to check out the top restaurants that you can enjoy while here in Fairbanks!  It’s important to note that this list is made up of the Aurora Seekers’ top choices and they are all equally great!

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Pike’s Landing Restaurant

Pike’s Landing Restaurant is located conveniently near the airport adjacent to Pike’s Waterfront Lodge.  Located right on the Chena River, you can take in the beautiful year-round river-scape while enjoying the best comfort foods in Fairbanks—from delicious burgers and sandwiches, to steak and seafood dishes!  Open daily for lunch and dinner with one of the best Sunday Brunch Buffet options in Fairbanks, featuring house-made savory breakfast options, fresh-cut meats, as well as a succulent 18-foot dessert table!

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Pump House Restaurant

The Pump House Restaurant continues a fine tradition in Fairbanks of “Fairbanks Fine Dining” – meaning a fantastic and sophisticated menu that all are welcome to enjoy, whether you are in black-tie or in your heartiest winter gear!  The Pump House Restaurant is also located on the Chena River—be sure to wave to the Riverboat Discovery if you are enjoying the deck in the summer months! Not only is the food amazing at the Pump House, the fantastic Alaskan décor throughout the restaurant is truly something to enjoy as well.  They are proud of their rich Fairbanks history!

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The Crepery

The Crepery is a relatively new player to the restaurant scene in Fairbanks, but very quickly became a local treasure.  If you are looking for a delicious quick bite in the downtown area, this is your top choice! The Crepery offers both sweet and savory options from a banana-Nutella to a smoked salmon crepe.  Personally, I have not had a crepe that I have not completely enjoyed yet! The staff are wonderful and efficient, quickly delivering your treat while also making you feel at home in downtown Fairbanks!

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Lavelle’s Bistro

Another Fairbanks favorite in the downtown area is Lavelle’s Bistro.  If you are looking for a beautiful dinner—and in the mood to splurge a little bit—then Lavelle’s is your pick!  They offer well thought out dishes and the staff are experts when it comes to wine pairing, turning dinner into an experience!  Among their dishes, the seafood dishes are extraordinary!


One of my absolute favorite dishes at Lavelle’s Bistro is the Honey-Apple Halibut!

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Jazz Bistro on 4th

While we are focused on the downtown area, the small but astounding Jazz Bistro on 4th is worth a visit!  This beautiful little restaurant is reminiscent of the quaint “secret” bistro you would take your sweetie to on a special date.  Offering a colorful menu inspired by the owner’s Cuban heritage, Jazz Bistro on 4th is a heavenly getaway for visitors and locals alike!  Did I mention that they also have live music?

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Big Daddy’s Barbecue

We round out our tour of the downtown area with Big Daddy’s Barbecue!  Big Daddy’s is famous for bringing authentic Southern Barbecue flavors to Interior Alaska.  Some visitors even reviewed it as even BETTER than the Southern Barbecue that they know back home!  The owners and staff cook their dishes with great care to offer only the best—and it certainly shows on the plate.  If you enjoy barbecue, put this eatery on your list!

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Blue Roof Bistro

Blue Roof Bistro is a unique local choice for restaurants!  They offer a clever menu that prioritizes local ingredients wherever possible.  All their dishes are made right there in-house, and many come in gluten-free or vegetarian options.  My go-to choice at this restaurant would be the smoked salmon sliders! The Blue Roof Bistro is open for lunch and dinner and is great if you are craving a fresh and bold taste!

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Frostbite Foods

Frostbite Foods has also quickly become a favorite among local Fairbanksans!  As with the majority of our listed restaurants, Frostbite Foods is locally and family owned and operated, and they not only serve amazing food—ranging from fantastic burgers, to nachos, to their trademarked catfish tacos, to their homemade delicious chips and innovative salsas (where it all started)—they also give back to the Fairbanks community in many ways!  They consistently support local causes as well as support other local small businesses! Truly amazing food with an equally amazing heart!

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Lemongrass Thai Cuisine

You may have heard that there are over twenty Thai restaurants in Fairbanks—and you have heard correctly.  In our small town, there is a mind-boggling amount of individual (successful and delicious, I might add) Thai food restaurants.  Of course, this makes it difficult to choose just one for this list—however, we decided that the best all-around Thai restaurant here in Fairbanks is none other than Lemongrass Thai Cuisine.  The delightful staff at Lemongrass are committed to sharing their warm hospitality through their amazing and authentic menu. If you are a fan of Thai cuisine—or even if you are new to Thai food—a trip to Lemongrass is worth it!  You likely did not come to Alaska for the Thai food restaurants, but you will be happy you stopped in during your visit!

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Beijing Hot Pot and Chinese Cuisine

Fairbanks is a hot spot for innovative food options, and fairly new to the restaurant choices is Beijing Hot Pot.  Offering a wonderful Chinese food menu, Beijing Hot Pot has also successfully introduced ‘Hot Pot’ dining, or otherwise known as Shabu-Shabu to Fairbanks.  For those that are unfamiliar with this type of dining, the guest is served broth that is kept at a boiling temperature in a personal ‘pot’ at the table. Fresh ingredients such as uncooked meats, seafood, vegetables, etc. are brought to the table for the guest to continue cooking in the boiling broth.  The result is an incredible soup that is both healthy and tasty—not to mention it is very fun to cook with friends around the table!

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Ivory Jack’s

Ivory Jacks is a local favorite, and derives most of its charm as a dive bar with wonderful food!  This restaurant is a fair drive from the city of Fairbanks, but it is a beautiful drive through the Goldstream Valley north of Fairbanks.  Many visitors are already in this area if they are chasing the aurora borealis around the Murphy Dome area. If you need a northern lights break, then stop in for dinner or a drink—or just to warm up and enjoy the company!

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Hari Om Indian Cuisine

Last—but as always, not least—on our list is our flagship Indian Restaurant, Hari Om.  This restaurant does not get the title of ‘best Indian restaurant’ simply because it is the only option—the food is spectacular!  Hari Om takes care to bring the bold Indian flavors to their dishes, and does so expertly! Nothing beats the Fairbanks winter chill quite like hot Vindaloo with a side of warm naan.  Also, for those who prefer gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan—this is the restaurant for you!

Hopefully you found a great place to eat here in Fairbanks (or two or three)!  This is only a partial list of the amazing food options here in town! I love food, so be on the lookout for a follow-up article for even more restaurants to try while you are in town!  Your friend Borealis Betty won’t steer you wrong! Ana basee! Thank you!

-Borealis Betty

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